The Mavericks Community

Located 20 miles south of San Francisco, Mavericks sits off the coast of Half Moon Bay, about a 1/2 miles from the shore outside of Pillar Point Harbor.

While Mavericks and its impressive big waves are the highlight, there is so much more to it then just 40 foot waves, dangerous conditions, and amazing sights. The surfers that dare challenge the waves, the photographers that capture their amazing rides, the rescue teams that risk their own lives to save surfers caught up in the whitewater from a big spill, the boat captains and jetski riders that host the photographers and the surfers, and most importantly, the coastal community of Half Moon Bay that cherishes and celebrates Mavericks as a world-class big wave spot.

Check back monthly as we highlight different surfers, photographers, boats, and others that make up the amazing community of Mavericks.

Surfer Spotlight
Jamie Mitchell

A true waterman, Jamie has been surfing Mavericks since 2005, and was the 2022 Mavericks Surf Awards “Ride of the Year” winner.

Not only is known as a big-wave charger, he’s also won the Molokai 2 Oahu Paddleboard World Championship 10 times, considered one of the most grueling and dangerous races of all time. 

Still surfing Mavericks at the age of 46, Jamie has no idea what it means to slow down.

Photographer Spotlight
Euan Rannachan

Emmy award winning photographer and artiest, living in California, Euan Rannachan has been published all over the world and featured on many news networks. 

In addition to being one of the premier videographers out at Mavericks, Euan is also the co-owner of BE A SHARK, where he works to protect sharks around the world thru photography and eco-trips that help people understand the true nature of sharks.

Boat/Captain Spotlight
Mike McLaughlin & Mcfishy

McFishy, a 28′ Hewescraft, is one of the boats you’ll see out in the channel every time Mavericks is breaking. With a large 10 ft aft deck, the boat is nimble enough but comfortable and safe to sit as close to the action as possible. Berthed at Pillar Point Harbor, McFishy is a versatile boat perfect for fishing, crabbing or being out at Mavericks.

Captained by Mike McLaughlin, a Half Moon Bay local who enjoys supporting the Mavericks community.

Team Spotlight
Mavericks REscue Team

The Mavericks Rescue Team is a group of volunteers who are out at every big swell, providing life-saving jetski tows, medical assistance, as well as educating the public about safety at Mavericks and big wave surfing.

When Mavericks is breaking, the Rescue team is the frontline for saving surfers from the treacherous rocks and current that makes Mavericks famously dangerous.

Business Spotlight
Mavericks Surf Company

Mavericks Surf Company is dedicated to the pursuit of surf and stoke, a passion for the ocean and desire for innovation and change.

No trip to Half Moon Bay or Mavericks is complete without a stop here, with tons of historic photos and boards, and plenty of surf gear.

Located in Pillar Point Harbor, stop by on your way out to check out the surf, boats, and beautiful coastline that surrounds the area.

Board Spotlight
Clark Surfboards

Jeff Clark, by the age of 17, had ridden more than 50 different types of surfboards. Whether those were boards from Southern California to Hawaii or Australia, Jeff understood that every condition required a different style board. So he used a little bit of each design to develop his own style.

From these experiences, plus decades of riding Mavericks waves, Jeff began building the boards known as “big wave guns” that are renowned by the world’s best big wave surfers.