The Biggest Wave on the West Coast

What makes Mavericks Special

A monster lurks just off the coast of Northern California. Known as Mavericks, this surf break four miles north of downtown Half Moon Bay generates some of the biggest waves in the world, and draws the big wave surfers that live for them.

The dominant wave direction off the central coast of California during most of the year is from the northwest. Storms that start in the western and northern Pacific intensify and begin to move towards Mavericks, and big wave surfers watch closely to see if the conditions will be perfect as it approaches.

The Mavericks Community

Surfers. Photographers. Rescue Teams. Boat Captains. Community Members. Fans. 

They all make up the amazing community that loves and supports Mavericks and the coastside community around it

Science of Mavericks

Due to the steep topography of the bedrock reef at Mavericks, the wave energy rapidly converges and the wave height rapidly increases, creating a huge wave that can reach heights of 80+ feet. 

See Mavericks in Action

Check out videos of the biggest waves and best rides at Mavericks

Celebrate Mavericks

The awesome power and sight that Mavericks brings is both feared….and celebrated. Check out these links below to see how surfers, photographers, and the community celebrate Mavericks each year, and support those that dare ride it.